85 thousand bonus to coal workers of Dhanbad Jharkhand latest news today in hindi

85000 bonus to coal workers of Dhanbad Jharkhand latest news update 2023

Consensus in the meeting between Coal India management and union

Latest Updated 09/10/2023: Coal workers will get a bonus of Rs 85 thousand (performance linked reward) on Durga Puja. Payment will be made before 21st October. The consensus was reached in the meeting of Coal India management and unions in Delhi on Sunday. This information was given by BCCL CMD Sameeran Dutta.

Rs 1900 crore will be paid as bonus to 2.27 lakh employees of Coal India and its subsidiary companies. If SCCL (Singaraini Collieries Company Limited) is added, then about 2.5 lakh coal workers of the country will get bonus. Coal workers of Jharkhand will get the maximum amount of bonus, about Rs 700 crore. There will be a payment of around Rs 300 crore among BCCL employees.

85 thousand (85000) bonus to coal workers notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Last year i.e. in 2022, coal workers had received a bonus of Rs 76,500. This time it was agreed to give Rs 8500 more. A demand of Rs 1.20 lakh bonus was made by the unions. After a lot of hesitation, an agreement was reached on Rs 85 thousand by late evening. Experts say that this is a better increase. Before this, there was an increase of Rs 8500 in bonus in 2014 and 2015. To stop the dissatisfaction arising among coal workers due to wage settlement dispute, Coal India management has agreed to give better bonus.

Along with union leaders, Coal India's Director Personnel and other officers and CMDs and DPs of subsidiary companies were present in the meeting.

No discussion on contract workers

The unions raised the issue of giving bonus to contract laborers but then it remained a mere routine. The management said that there is no provision of bonus for them like departmental employees. It was assured that there will be some consideration regarding contract laborers in the CMD meet. That means, according to the Contract Labor Act, contract laborers will get something.

  • There are around 80 thousand coal workers in Jharkhand
  • The amount will be paid before 21st October

Most of the coal workers in Jharkhand are paid bonus only to non-executives. Coal executives are not given bonus. Jharkhand has the highest number of coal workers. Coal India has three subsidiaries in Jharkhand, BCCL, CCL and CMPDIL. Apart from this, three areas of ECL are Rajmahal, Mugma and Chitra in Jharkhand. More than 75 thousand workers are in Jharkhand.