All the lodges of Patna will be verified again soon latest news today in hindi

all the lodges of patna will be verified again soon latest news update 2024

If the operators do not keep the ID card of the tenant, action will be taken

Latest Updated 20/06/2024: Soon the police will re-verify all the lodges in Patna. Whether the lodge has a register with the detailed information of the students or not, whether the operators have taken their ID cards or the room was given without the ID card, all these aspects will be investigated.

If any irregularity is found in any lodge, action will be taken against the operator. Range IG Garima Malik said that the police of the police station areas where the lodges are located will verify and send its report to the higher authorities. Many times the lodge operators give rooms without taking the ID cards of the boys. There have been some such cases in which the boys who came to take the room said that they would give the ID card after a few days. In the meantime, they carried out some incident and left. People with criminal tendencies also take rooms in the lodges in the guise of students, which increases the problems of the police.

all the lodges of patna will be verified again soon notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

A list will be made of how many lodges are there in which police station, in which street are they and what is the name of its operator, a list will also be made of this. The police will also have the number of the person who takes care of them and the operator. From time to time, the police of the local police stations will go to the lodges and search the register kept there.

At present, a large number of lodges and hostels are running all over Patna. Their maximum number is in Ashok Rajpath and Bahadurpur areas. While there are also lodges and hostels in Boring Road, Kankarbagh, Indrapuri areas.