CBSE Board: There will be assessment for children in 5th and 8th class also latest news today in hindi

There will be assessment for children in 5th and 8th class also by CBSE latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 26/02/2024: Now there will be assessment of CBSE children in 5th and 8th also. This time online examination of these children will be taken in all the schools from the board level.

There will be examination of Maths, Environmental Science and Language in 5th class. At the same time, there will be examination for four subjects in 8th. Science has also been added to the above three subjects. In this regard, the board has given all the schools a chance to register till 20th February. This examination will be taken online. Satish Kumar Jha, Secretary of CBSE School Organization Sahodaya, said that last year this examination was conducted by randomly selecting some schools. According to CBSE report, it has had a positive impact. In such a situation, this time this examination will be held for the children of class 5th and 8th in all the schools. 

There will be assessment for children in 5th and 8th class also by cbse board notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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The examination is to be conducted online. In such a situation, schools also have to give details of their resources. The Secretary said that for this, all the information has to be uploaded by 20th February after registering on the portal created by the Board. Under this, a list of all the children of 5th and 8th class has to be given. Registration will be valid only after providing information on 21 points. In this, along with complete information about the school, data of teachers also has to be given.

Examination from 12 March, educational level of children will be known

Told that as per the guidelines issued till now, this examination will be taken from March 12. The report will be released in August after evaluation by July. This evaluation will reveal the educational level of children of CBSE schools. This initiative has been taken to improve the results of 10th and 12th board. Along with this, you will also get information about how much attention the schools are paying to the children.