Principal recruitment process is stuck for four months by BSUSC Patna latest news today in hindi

Principal recruitment process is stuck for four months by BSUSC Bihar latest news update 2024

Most of the colleges across the state are running dependent on the principals in charge.

Latest Updated 17/02/2024: There has been a brake on the process of appointment through Bihar State University Service Commission. The Commission had issued notice for the appointment of principals four months ago. No action has been taken on this till now. When will the application process start? There is no any information about this either.

  • State University Service Commission has to appoint college principals
  • Due to absence of permanent principals, better preparation for NAAC is not possible in the colleges.
  • Appointment of lecturers is stuck, advertisement was released in the year 2020

Principal recruitment process is stuck for 4 months by BSUSC Patna notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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At present, most of the colleges of all the universities of bihar are dependent on the in-charge principals. Because of this the condition of colleges is not good. The principal in charge is not able to do any work openly. They also face the difficulty in completing the NAAC process. At the same time, problems also arise in the many other types of work including the development of the college. At the same time, due to lack of permanent college principal, academic work is also not complete properly. Apart from this, the Vice Chancellor (VC) hands over the job of Principal to whoever he likes without any preference. Due to this, financial irregularities have also been exposed in the many colleges. At present, the no. of principals recruited by the Commission is very less.

Lecturer recruitment could not be completed in 4 years. Apart from this, advertisement was released in 2020 for the recruitment of lecturers in the universities of the state. In 4 years, lecturers could be recruited only in minor subjects. After this, the issue of reservation roster got stuck & the complete recruitment process came to a halt. There are still about 25 main subjects left to be interviewed. The subjects with the highest no. of applications are expected to take a longer time to process. This condition is for both science & arts faculty subjects. As a result, studies are being conducted through the guest faculty. There are many departments where only 1 or 2 permanent teachers are left. The entire department is running through the guest faculty. In an institution like Patna University, there is only 1 permanent teacher in PG History.

The process for recruitment of principals in colleges will start within a week. The matter of appointment of lecturer is in the court. The hearing is on 22 February. Further action will be taken only after the directions of the court.