BSEB: First competency test on 26th February, only three chances will be given by BSEB latest news today in hindi

BSEB Sakshamta Pariksha 2024: First competency test on 26 February, only three chances will be given

Employed teachers who pass the competency test will get the status of state employees.

All four phases of examinations will be completed soon

Latest Updated 04/02/2024: It was decided in the meeting that the result of the first competency test would be declared on 26th February. After this, more examinations will be conducted continuously in three phases. All four phases will be completed very soon. It was also decided in the meeting that the teachers who do not appear in 3 of these 4 phases of examination or appear in less than three phases or do not pass even after appearing in three phases of examination. The services of those local body teachers will be terminated.

  • Examination related committee meeting was held, KK Pathak and Anand Kishore were also present  
  • Bihar School Examination Committee has been given the responsibility of conducting the examinations.

First competency test on 26 February, only three chances will be given by BSEB notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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The first competency test of employed teachers will be conducted on 26 February. These teachers will get three opportunities for the competency test. There will be examinations in total four phases. The committee has recommended termination of service of employed teachers who do not pass any of the three exams.

There will be four examinations, recommendation to terminate the service of those who do not pass any three

This recommendation has been made in the meeting of the departmental committee related to competency examination constituted in the Education Department on Saturday. However, the committee has made it clear that it would be appropriate to obtain the govt's decision on this recommendation. The responsibility of conducting the examination has been handed over to the Bihar School Examination Committee. Apart from KK Pathak, Chairman of the Committee and Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, Bihar School Examination Committee Chairman Anand Kishore, State Education Research and Training Council Director R Sajjan and Primary Education Director Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava attended the meeting as members. Shri Srivastava is also member secretary of this committee. Under the Bihar School Special Teacher Rules 2023, a meeting of the departmental committee constituted regarding the competency examination was held regarding the local body teachers who do not appear in the competency examination or are not able to pass the examination even in the third attempt (opportunity). 

There are 3 lakh 50 thousand employed teachers across the state

In this, detailed discussions were held regarding such teachers. During the meeting, the committee felt that in order to give three chances to every teacher, the Bihar School Examination Board may have to conduct the examination in four stages. Because some local body teachers may not appear in any examination due to the personal reasons. Due to some reason like as illness, accident etc. they may miss some of their efforts. In such a condition, it is necessary to arrange an extra effort for them.

Reason for formation of committee

There is a provision related to this in clause 4 of Bihar School Special Teacher Manual 2023. According to this, the committee of the department will recommend to the government to take a decision on those local body teachers who do not appear in the competency test or who fail to pass the competency test even in the third attempt. In this sequence, the committee has recommended.

Government's decision will be final

The state government has to take further decision on the recommendation of the committee. Especially the government's decision on the recommendation to terminate the services of employed teachers will be final. The committee has given its point, now it will be discussed at the government level.