Honorarium of contract health workers of Bihar increased latest news today in hindi

Honorarium of contract health workers of Bihar increased latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 03/02/2024: An order has been issued to increase the honorarium of health workers reinstated on contract in the state. The benefits will be available with effect from April 1, 2023. The order regarding increase in honorarium has been released by the Secretary of the Health Department and the Executive Officer of the State Health Committee.

  • Benefits to 17 thousand contractual health workers including 8 thousand ANMs

The monthly honorarium of health workers working under NHM (National Health Mission) has been increased from Rs 3 thousand to Rs 9 thousand. This will benefit 17 thousand personnel of various posts including 8 thousand ANMs. The minimum honorarium for contractual workers will be Rs 15,000. The basic entry level honorarium of health contract workers has been increased. It has been said that the honorarium should be made practical. The honorarium of ANM has increased by Rs 3500 per month. In April 2023, the honorarium of ANMs which will be Rs 20600, has been rescheduled to Rs 24100. With effect from April 1, 2023, the increased amount will be added to the arrears.

Honorarium of contract health workers of Bihar increased notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

BHM's honorarium increased by Rs 9000, BHA 5500, BCM 5 thousand, BMEA 4500, DPC 8 thousand, DCM 8 thousand, DPM 6 thousand rupees per month. Bihar State Health Contract Workers Union has thanked for the increase in honorarium. It has also been demanded that the discrepancy in the increase in honorarium of some employees should be removed. There has also been a demand to implement Public Health Management Cadre. Sangh's Lalan Kumar Singh, Afroz Anwar, Kaushalendra Sharma, Vikas Shankar, Shrimod Kumar have thanked.