BRP-CRP recruitment pending in the Education department of Uttarakhand latest news today in hindi

BRP-CRP recruitment pending in the Education department of Uttarakhand latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 24/09/2023: The recruitment of Block and Cluster Reference Persons (BRP-CRP) to be appointed for improvement in basic education is once again stuck between the government and the education department.

955 jobs of education department stuck due to slow pace of officers

On June 7, Education Secretary Ravinath Raman had given orders for the appointment of SPD-SSA Banshidhar Tiwari as BRP-CRP, but today even after three and a half months the situation remains the same. If the process had started on time, 955 unemployed people of the state could have got employment by now. The surprising thing is that the Central Government has to bear the entire expense of the honorarium of these 955 posts, yet the Education Department is delaying. The slow pace of the officers is also mocking the claims of the government and Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat of providing maximum employment opportunities in the state. After almost seven years of confusion, on June 7, the government had approved the appointment of BRP-CRP, but the Education Department could not move forward even a single step in the appointment process.

BRP-CRP recruitment pending of Education department of Uttarakhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

According to sources, some time ago SSA had prepared and sent the conditions of the appointment process to the government. The government has also asked to keep 10 percent of the posts for retired teachers. SPD Banshidhar Tiwari said that all the formalities have almost been completed. As soon as permission is received from the government, the appointment process will be taken forward immediately.