Umbrella Act will be re-created for government universities of Uttarakhand latest news today in hindi

Umbrella Act will be re-created for government universities of UK Uttarakhand latest news update 2023

Despite passing the assembly twice, could not get approval from Raj Bhavan

Latest Updated 11/08/2023: The Government will have to bring in a new form the Umbrella Act made to bring government universities under one law. This important bill, which was passed by the Vidhan Sabha in September 2020, has been stuck inside the boundary wall of the Raj Bhavan for almost three years. Due to disagreement of Raj Bhavan on some provision, this bill could not be approved. According to sources, seeing the Raj Bhavan's veto on the bill, the government has decided to bring this bill in a new form.

According to sources, it has been agreed upon after two rounds of meetings with the Raj Bhavan. The process of getting the bill passed will be restarted by revising some points of the bill. When contacted, Higher Education Secretary Shailesh Bagoli made a very concise comment on the matter that the Bill would be amended. For this, the draft of the bill has been sent to the Legislative Department.

Umbrella Act will be re-created for government universities of Uttarakhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

It may be known that the number of government and private universities in the state is 31. There are 11 government universities in this, which have been constituted through the Act from time to time. There is no uniformity in higher education due to the formation of separate Acts for each government and private university. After 20 years, the State Government, taking steps in this direction, passed the State University Act in September 2020 from the MLA.

Some important provisions were made in it. For example, the post of Vice-Chancellor will not be limited to educationists. Rather, senior IAS officers of the rank of Additional Chief Secretary, senior industry officers and senior scientists will also be eligible. There will be a uniform qualification for the post of Registrar. The compulsion of B.Tech degree for the registrar in the technical university will end, 50 percent of the registrar will be filled by direct recruitment. Rest of the posts will be filled through promotion. The retirement age of Vice Chancellor will be 70 years instead of 65. If the post of Vice-Chancellor is vacant, a senior professor can be given the charge of Vice-Chancellor.

According to sources, Raj Bhavan saw unauthorized interference of the government in some of its rights in some points of this bill. Therefore, despite passing it twice from the Vidhan Sabha, it could not get the approval of the Raj Bhavan. According to the sources, seeing the long delay in the approval of the bill, the officials of the Raj Bhavan and Higher Education Department held a meeting and brainstormed. It was suggested in this meeting that a new bill should be made by changing the present form.