Consent for EPF-pension among Para Teachers of Jharkhand, Problem with the government latest news today in hindi

Consent for EPF-pension among Para Teachers of Jharkhand latest news update 2023

Education department holds meeting with various organizations of mercury teachers, discusses many topics

Latest Updated 11/08/2023: An agreement has been reached for EPF and pension between para teachers (assistant teachers), BRP-CRP and Kasturba Vidyalaya personnel of Jharkhand. Representatives of various organizations have given a green signal from August itself to deduct the amount of EPF from the honorarium of July, but the government itself has got stuck in it.

In the state executive meeting of Jharkhand Education Project Council, the Chief Secretary has given the proposal of EPF to the Finance Department. Along with this, a report has been sought on the number of workers in other departments, who are not getting the benefit of EPF, like these workers of the education department.

Consent for EPF-pension among Para Teachers of Jharkhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

In JEPC, a joint meeting of the representatives of Integrated Assistant Teacher Sangharsh Morcha, Jharkhand State Trained Assistant Teacher Association, Tet Successful Assistant Teacher Association, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Karmi Sangh and BRP-CRP Federation was held. In the meeting, the representatives of the organizations made a consensus on EPF and pension. At the same time, it was made clear that they will accept the rules that will be implemented by the government. At the same time, JEPC will issue the form for the welfare fund. In this, till August 31, all para teachers, BRP-CRP and Kasturba personnel will register and become members. Provision will be made in the welfare fund for higher education, marriage and treatment of serious illness of two children.

Provision will be made in EPF and pension

To give the benefit of EPF-pension to these workers of the education department, Rs 1800 (12 per cent) will be deducted from their honorarium every month, while the government will give Rs 1950 (13 per cent). Out of these two amounts, Rs 2350 will be deposited in the EPF of the workers, while the remaining Rs 1250 will be paid for pension and Rs 150 for insurance every month. After retirement, Rs 2350 deposited in EPF every month along with full interest will be paid to them in lump sum, while the amount will be fixed and paid as pension from Rs 1250 being deducted every month.

Para Teachers and others will not have separate insurance

Mercury teachers, BRP-CRP and Kasturba workers will not be able to get separate insurance. Insurance will be done only in deduction from the amount of EPF. 150 rupees will be deposited in this every month. Seven lakh will be given on the death of an employee due to accident and from three lakh to seven lakh rupees on accidental death. Apart from this, arrangements will also be made for family pension.

500 rupees will be contributed to the welfare fund

The teachers' representatives agreed to contribute Rs 500 to the welfare fund. This will be deducted from the honorarium of the workers every month. Retired mercury teacher will be benefited from the amount given by the workers and the interest of Rs 10 crore deposited in the corpus fund of the welfare fund. For those mercury teachers who have retired or passed away after March 31, 2021, then a maximum of two lakh rupees will be given to the next of kin.