BEP: Monthly evaluation of students till Class 8th from 29 August latest news today in hindi

Monthly evaluation of students till 8th Class from 29 August by BEP latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 26/08/2023: Bihar Shiksha Pariyojana Parishad (BEP) has declared the date of monthly evaluation for classes 1 to 8 and weekly evaluation for students of classes 6 to 12. Instructions have been given to all district education officers to ensure evaluation on these dates. An order in this regard has been issued by State Project Director of BEP, B Kartikeya Dhanaji.

It has been mentioned that there will be monthly evaluation of students from 1st to 8th in August from 29th to 30th August. There will be half-yearly examination from 20 to 26 in September. The monthly evaluation will be from 30-31 in October, 28-29 in November, 28-29 in December, 29-30 in January and 27-28 in February. Annual exam will be held in March. Mr. Dhanji has said that the above decision has been taken to improve the educational level of the students. Whereas, for the students of classes 6 to 12, the weekly evaluation will be done by the subject-based teacher from Monday to Friday in the last bell from the allotted bells.

Monthly evaluation of students till Class 8th from 29 August by BEP notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

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Report will be sent to parents

Monthly evaluation information will be given to the parents. The report that will be prepared after the evaluation is done. This information will be given to the parents in the teacher-parent seminar. During this, the parents will be told what the child has learned in a month. In which subject are you weak? Which subject needs more effort? What is their child's progress in class.

Block Education Officer will inspect

Block Education Officer has to inspect whether the monthly evaluation is done in every school on the prescribed date or not. If the Block Education Officer is negligent in any way, disciplinary action will be taken against him. Format has been sent to schools for school based monthly evaluation. More than 35 points will be filled in this. Annual report will be prepared on the basis of monthly evaluation.