Jorapokhar Jharkhand: Both hands were cut off from the train, Sangeeta writing PG exam with feet latest news today in hindi

Breaking News: Both hands were cut off from the train, Sangeeta Kumari writing PG exam with feet in Jorapokhar Jharia Jharkhand

Latest Updated 08/06/2023: Sangeeta Kumari, a resident of Jorapokhar in Jharia, lost both her hands in a train accident. Despite such a big accident, Sangeeta started her studies. Practiced writing with feet. Today she is giving her PG exam by holding the pen with her feet. In a conversation with Hindustan, Sangeeta told that in 2015 both her hands were cut off in a train accident. Sangeeta's life changed after this accident. From eating and drinking to reading and writing, he started having trouble. Then one day it came to my mind that why not start studying again. Sangeeta decided to do PG from IGNOU. On Wednesday, Sangeeta reached PK Rai College and appeared for IGNOU semester one exam. Sitting on the ground, when she started writing with her feet, the present teachers and the students were stunned.

Believe in yourself for success

Sangeeta, a resident of Jodapokhar, did not lose courage even after losing both her hands and was determined to move forward in life. She tells that courage and faith are the biggest things in life. It is said that if these two are in a person, then he can get success in every situation. Even after losing both hands in the year 2015, education was not allowed to be interrupted.

Both hands were cut off from the train, Sangeeta writing PG exam with feet in Jorapokhar Jharkhand latest news update 2023 in hindi

Jodapokhar Student

  • Sangeeta, a resident of Jorapokhar, is studying PG from IGNOU.
  • Leaving the examination hall after writing the paper on foot
  • Sangeeta, who runs a channel on YouTube, is also fond of dance and makeup.

Sangeeta runs her YouTube Channel

Sangeeta runs her own YouTube channel by the name of Amazing Sangeeta. In this, she tells about her hobbies from studies. She makes blog videos on the channel, in which she makes daily lifestyle, travel videos. Also, she gives information to her followers in easy language about how to improve their lifestyle.