Master plan will be made for 78 thousand schools of Bihar latest news today in hindi

Master plan will be made for 78000 schools of Bihar latest news update 2023

Decision: Study will be done for the development of infrastructure

  • Detailed action plan will be made on the basis of needs
  • Deficiencies will be removed by setting priority in a phased manner

Latest Updated 08/05/2023: A master plan will be made for 78000 schools in the state. The Education Department is preparing its action plan. Under this, the basic facilities and requirements available in all the schools will be studied. On the basis of this study, necessary infrastructure will be made available in the coming years. On the other hand, the schools facing shortage of teachers will also get teachers soon. Teacher recruitment process is going on.

Actually, at present there is a severe lack of basic facilities in the schools of the state. There are also a large number of schools that do not have their own buildings. Where there are buildings, they are not according to their needs. Schools are running in more rooms than required. In many schools, two classes are being taught in the same room. Somewhere children are forced to study under trees and under the open sky. There is also a huge shortage of equipment in the schools. The problems are more in primary schools. They are facing shortage of building-room etc. In this way, work is going on on the plan to construct buildings and rooms. In this sequence, the state government has also upgraded a large number of schools. The government is setting up new primary schools as well as upgrading the primary schools to middle schools. 

Master plan will be made for 78 thousand schools of Bihar notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Special features of the plan

  • Condition of building in schools
  • Boundary wall, toilet
  • Lab and Smart Class
  • Availability of library and books
  • Mobilization of technical facilities

The plan to establish higher secondary schools in all panchayats of the state is now in its final stage. There is a great need of infrastructure at all these places as well. Work is on to establish labs in schools. Smart classes are being arranged. Basic needs like toilets, boundary walls are also being taken care of. Special attention will be given to all these things in the master plan that the department will prepare for future plans. According to the senior official of the department, its implementation will start in the coming years.

State Schools

  • 40522 Elementary School
  • 28661 Middle School
  • 391 basic school
  • 9360 Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools

A list of children, teachers and infrastructure will be made

There will be a complete list of the needs of the schools in the master plan. The focus will be on what are the needs of the children, how many teachers are required and what kind of infrastructure is required. The entire plan will be prepared after assessing future needs. All their needs will be fulfilled step by step.

The government is determined to provide basic facilities to quality education in all schools. We have made a plan to fulfill the needs of all the schools by assessing them in the future. Work on this will start soon.