SNMMCH Medical College: 4 crore rupees fine latest news today in hindi

4 crore rupees fine on Medical College of SNMMCH Dhanbad latest news update 2023

Case of non-compliance with the provision of pollution control, notice to SNMMCH management

Latest Updated 30/03/2023: The Medical College Management, which is preparing to install new incinerators in SNMMCH, has got a major setback from the Pollution Control Board. The Pollution Control Board has imposed a fine of Rs 4 crore on the medical college for having an incinerator installed years ago in the campus.

The board has handed over fine notices to the officials who went to complete the process of new incinerators. In the old incinerator case, notice was given for not complying with the prescribed provision of the Board. If the officials are to be believed, the state headquarters has been informed about the whole matter. Further decision has to be taken by the government.

4 crore rupees fine on SNMMCH Medical College Dhanbad latest news update 2023 in hindi

This is the case. A 200-bed super specialty hospital is being constructed at the SNMMCH campus at a cost of Rs 167 crore. The hospital has eight modular operation theaters with 160 general and 40 ICU beds. An incinerator was to be installed for the disposal of bio-medical waste coming out of the hospital. For this, the pollution control board did not give NOC saying that there is no provision for permission to install two incinerators in one campus. 

After this, the management started the process of renovating the years old incinerator lying closed on the campus. When the Pollution Control Board was contacted to start it again, the board handed over a notice of Rs 4 crore to the medical college management.

The pollution control board has imposed a fine of four crores on the medical college for the old incinerator in SNMMCH. Notice received. The whole situation has been informed to the government. The government will take a decision on the whole matter.

The fine is also very old, this fine on SNMMCH is also not new. Years ago, the pollution control board fined SNMMCH (then PMCH) for the incinerator. The matter was pending in the Medical College and Board. When the process of installing new incinerators started, the matter came to the fore and a notice was served to the medical college. An incinerator was installed years ago near the post mortem house in the SNMMCH campus. The installing agency had shown the incinerator running. After that it was never used. The bio medical best of the Medical College Hospital could never be disposed of in the incinerator worth lakhs. The incinerator got ruined without being used.

Lakhs of rupees spent on renovation Lakhs of rupees have been spent on the renovation of the old incinerator in the Medical College campus after the incinerator was not allowed in the Super Specialty Hospital. A large shed has been made in the college campus for the incinerator, where the medical waste will be collected and disposed. The platform for installation of chimney is also almost ready, where preparation for disposal of biomedical best of SNMMCH along with Super Specialty Hospital was on. Now this matter also seems to be stuck.