Irregularity in school allotment for BEd and DElEd trainees in Jharkhand latest news today in hindi

Irregularity in school allotment for BEd and DElEd trainees in Jharkhand latest news update 2023

The facts came to the notice of the officials of the education department during the inspection of the schools

Latest Updated 24/01/2023: Irregularities are being practiced in sending the trainee teachers doing B.Ed and D.L.Ed to schools in Jharkhand. There is a provision to teach students (trainee teachers) in schools for five months during training. But, they are being sent to schools where the ratio of teachers to students is more. In such a situation, they are not getting a chance to teach the children. Due to this their training is getting affected.

These facts have come to the fore during the inspection of schools in every district by the officials of the Education Department. The Department of School Education and Literacy has taken cognizance of this and has instructed the districts to rectify it. Let us tell you that there are many such schools in the districts, where the number of teachers in the ratio of students is less. If trainees enrolled in B.Ed-D.El.Ed were allotted such schools for conducting practice lessons, then not only would the education of the children of those schools be better, the trainees would also get better training. Also, the teachers already working there do not face any problem.

Irregularity in school allotment for BEd and DElEd trainees of Jharkhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

DEO and DSE determine the schools, all the students doing BEd and DLEd in the state are sent to schools for practice teaching classes during the training period. For this, the District Education Officer and the District Superintendent of Education decide which school the trainees will go to. K Ravi Kumar, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, has said that it is often seen that DEO-DSE allot schools for practice teaching classes, where the number of teachers in student ratio is high. By doing this, the trainees do not get full opportunity to teach.

Now not DEO-DSE, JCERT will allot

District Education Officer and District Superintendent of Education will no longer allot schools for the students doing B.Ed-D.El.D in Jharkhand. Now Jharkhand Council of Educational Research and Training (JCERT) will allot schools for their practice teaching classes. Along with this, after the completion of the practical lesson, its certificate will be issued by the JCERT in the light of the recommendation of the District Education Officer or District Education Superintendent.

Education Department took cognizance

Mark the schools separately

The Education Department has instructed the districts that for practice teaching classes, it is necessary that government primary schools, high schools and plus two schools run in the district should be identified. Information should be taken about the number of teachers and the number of students in these schools. All districts should take this school-wise information and make it available to JCERT, so that trainee students are selected keeping in mind the student-teacher ratio at the time of selection of schools for practice teaching classes.