NCC training will be done in 405 School of Excellence in Jharkhand (Dhanbad) notification latest news 2022 in hindi

 NCC training will be done in 405 Schools of Excellence in Jharkhand latest notification update in hindi

Latest Updated On 04/05/2022: In the first phase, 80 schools at the district level and in the second phase 325 schools at the block level will be arranged

  • NCC training will be done in 405 School of Excellence
  • School Education and Literacy Department proposed to NCC Directorate

Now a school in every district will have rifle and pistol shooting range

Five tracks will be made for shooting

Schools will have five tracks each for rifle shooting and pistol shooting. Five-five children will be able to aim and practice in it at a time. Shooting ranges were to be established in one school of excellence in each of the five divisions, but after a meeting of the education department with the officials of the Rifle Shooting Association, it has been decided to arrange it in one school of excellence in each district. In this, along with the rifle, the track of pistol shooting will also be made. The Education Department has asked the Rifle Shooting Association to assess its expenditure and make a proposal. It has been asked to give information about how much a school will cost. Each school will also have a coach for the shooting range. This will also have to be arranged by the association. The education department will be capable to pay them.

NCC training will be held in 405 Schools of Excellence in Jharkhand. In the first phase, NCC training will be arranged for the students in 80 district level schools of excellence starting from the new academic session this year. In the next phase, this arrangement will be done in 325 schools to be opened at the block level. For this, the Department of School Education and Literacy has made a proposal to the Directorate of NCC.

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NCC Training will be done in 405 Schools of Excellence in Jharkhand (Dhanbad) latest news 2022

Apart from this, the scope of rifle shooting range to be held in a school of the division has also been increased. Now a school of excellence in every district will have a rifle and pistol shooting range. The Education Department has sought details of its expenditure from the Rifle Shooting Association. 80 Schools of Excellence are starting in Jharkhand from the new academic session starting from July. In this, a total of 80 schools, including three schools from each district and one additional school from each of the five divisions, will have arrangements for education with full resources. There will be qualified teachers for every subject for the children enrolled in it and classes will be conducted regularly. Along with studies, there will be a system in schools for sports and other skills.

In this episode, arrangements are being made for NCC and Rifle-Pistol Shooting Range. NCC training can be given to the children from the fifth grade onwards. The Education Department has appealed to the NCC to make arrangements in the interest of the children. At the same time, it has been requested to arrange it in two months, so that it can be started along with the operation of the school.

Arrangement of games according to the region

Orchary training centers are running in Jharkhand. There will also be a system of sports according to the region in the School of Excellence. From the areas where better players of hockey and football have been coming out, it will be promoted in the schools of the district. The Jharkhand government wants to make adequate arrangements for sports along with studies in schools, so that the all-round development of the children can take place. The plan of the government is that after leaving school, the children should come out proficient in any one sport apart from studies and prepare for it in future and adopt it as a career.

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