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TV Show Actress Sayantani Ghosh recalls a woman's stupid question about her body size when she was a teen

 TV actress Sayantani Ghosh has to faced trolled because of her breast size. During an interview, she told that this is nothing new thing. She has been endure stupid comments since teens. Once a woman asked her a strange question. Sayantani has appeared in many shows like Naagin, Sanjeevani, Nach Baliye & Bigg Boss. She has already told that people used to message her & ask her body size. Sayantani has also responded to the trollers through posting a long post on the social media. Once again she has talked about it.

Woman made a stupid comment

Sayantani has taught a lesson to those who send bad messages for her breast size. Now she has told that this is not a newly thing. She has been facing all these things for a long time. Sayantani told in a discussion with Bollywood Bubble, as far as I remember, I have been facing such activities since teenage. A woman told me, your chest is not leveled, you are quite fine, looking at your breast size, it seems that you must had a lot of sex, correct?

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I was a virgin at that time...

Sayantani Ghosh says, she thought that if you have sex, then the size of your breasts increases. I did not even understand at that time what they meant. I was a virgin then. I thought, what is this happening? So knowingly or unknowingly all these activities are scary.

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Trolls were answered

Sayantani Ghosh has done a long post on social media before it. In this, she admonish those who did body shaming. In this post, she had raised more questions on the thinking of people and in the end said that only the size of the heart should matter.

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