BBMKU Dhanbad: Prospectus not received for 150 rupees latest news today in hindi

prospectus not received for 150 rupees in bbmku latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 05/05/2024: The process of nomination for 50,734 seats of undergraduate semester one in 34 degree colleges of Dhanbad and Bokaro started on Saturday. Online application is being made through the Chancellor Portal. BBMKU has released the fee structure for enrollment in the four-year undergraduate course session 2024-28. The fee for filling the online admission form is Rs 100.

At the time of admission, first year fee for boys will be Rs 2787 and for girl students will be Rs 2583. There are many such charges in the admission fees, on which students and representatives of student organizations are raising questions. In the session 2023-24, Rs 150 was taken as prospectus fee by BBMKU, but the students did not receive the prospectus. The university said that it would be available in the college. The college shrugged it off and said that no money has been received from the university for this purpose. Wait. A year passed while waiting. 29 thousand enrolled students did not receive the prospectus. Now the university has released the course fee structure for the new session also. In this also, Rs 150 has been fixed for the prospectus. Same is the situation with the syllabus also. Student organizations say that the prospectus is not given even after a year of enrollment.

prospectus not received for 150 rupees in bbmku notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

Admission fee only 17 Rupees

Students enrolling in undergraduate courses will have to pay 21 to 22 types of fees. The fees for each year of a four-year undergraduate course are different. Experts say that the admission fee is only Rs 21, but Rs 2770 will have to be deposited in 21 other types of fees. These include electricity fee of Rs 120, building maintenance fee of Rs 60, NSS fee of Rs 40, student union fee of Rs 30, course of study fee of Rs 100, magazine fee of Rs 50 and other fees. Importantly, in the year 2017, Vinoba Bhave University separated from Hazaribagh and became BBMKU.

Every year Rs 30-30 is being taken from the enrolled students as union fee, but till now the student union elections have not been conducted.

Colleges have been instructed to give prospectus to UG students taking enrollment in session 2024-28. Will also give syllabus. The amount related to this will be given to the colleges.