Night guards will be recruited in the middle schools of Bihar latest news today in hindi

Night guards will be recruited in the middle schools of Bihar latest news update 2024

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Latest Updated 03/05/2024: Now night guards will be reinstated in the middle schools of the state. So that the equipment, bench-desks, utensils, smart classes, fans etc. available in schools can be protected. The Education Department has taken this decision after receiving complaints of theft in middle schools from many places. The service of the night watchman will be part-time and a lump sum honorarium will be paid for it. The department has also made it clear that the selected night watchmen will not be allowed to work in schools located in their own villages.

The department has issued detailed guidelines in this regard. The order said there are 29,029 middle schools in the state. Of these, there is a system of night watchmen in 889 schools in which ICT labs are installed. Now, in the remaining 28 thousand 140 schools also, night guards will be hired at a monthly honorarium of Rs 5000. The department has said that the services of the agency are being taken for cleanliness in all the schools. Cleaning of toilets and premises is done by the agency personnel. In such a situation, it would be better if the cleaning worker is given the responsibility of being the night watchman of that school. This will also improve the security of the school and the sanitation workers who come from extremely poor class will get an additional Rs. 5,000.

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The department has also said that male cooks working under the Mid Day Meal Scheme are also allowed to work as night guards. It will be kept in mind that in schools where cooks are kept as night guards, sweepers will not be given this responsibility. The concerned agency will also provide uniforms to the night guards, so that they can be easily identified.

Same system will be there in secondary schools also

In the order issued by the department, it has been said that there is already a provision of night watchman in 5921 secondary schools in the state. Even after this, complaints of theft of goods and equipment are received in these schools. In such a situation, it would be appropriate that the services of these night guards should also be taken through the same housekeeping agency. So that, the concerned agency can take the responsibility that if any item is stolen, it will be compensated from their monthly bill.

Night guards will be hired on monthly honorarium of Rupees

The agency will be responsible for theft

If any kind of theft occurs during the service of the night watchman, the entire responsibility for it will be on the concerned agency. The District Education Officer will deduct an amount equivalent to the stolen items from the monthly bill of the agency. The stolen goods will be purchased with this amount.