College of Commerce Patna gets 'A' grade from NAAC for the second time latest news today in hindi

College of Commerce Arts and Science Patna Bihar gets 'A' grade for the second time from NAAC latest news update 2024

The college also achieved 'A' grade i.e. 3.09 CGPA in the changed assessment format of NAAC

Latest Updated 27/04/2024: The College of Commerce Arts and Science has maintained its reputation. Has also obtained 'A' grade (3.09 CGPA) in the changed evaluation format of NAAC. Created history by getting 'A' grade for the second time after the third round of evaluation by NAAC.

Principal Prof. Indrajit Rai said that by following whatever recommendations have been made by the NAAC peer team for the betterment of the college, he will try to take the college to new heights. For this success, he thanked the VC of Pataliputra University, Prof. Under the guidance of RK Singh and Registrar Prof. Expressed gratitude to Shalini for her immense cooperation. Pro. Rai has described this success as the result of the tireless efforts of NAAC Coordinator Dr. Santosh Kumar and members associated with all seven sections of NAAC along with teachers and non-teaching staff of all departments, cooperation of parents, alumni and hard work of the college students. On receiving 'A' grade from NAAC, Director of Higher Education Prof. Rekha Kumari, Vice President of RUSA Prof. Kameshwar Jha and education department advisor and NAAC in-charge Prof. NK Aggarwal has congratulated the college principal for his special achievement.

college of commerce patna gets 'A' grade for the second time from NAAC notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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The college got 3.09 CGPA out of four. NAAC evaluates the college on seven points. Got 3.09 CGPA out of 4 out of seven points. If the college had got a few more marks, it would have reached A+. But due to some shortcomings, it was limited to one grade. The college scored 3.3 in Curricular Aspects, 3.34 in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation, 2.95 in Research Innovations and Extension, 2.95 in Infrastructure and Learning Resources (Infrastructure & Achieved grade point averages of 3 in Learning Resources), 2.39 in Student Support & Progression, 2.8 in Governance Leadership & Management and 3.5 in Institutional Values & Best Practices Has happened.

The team visited the college from 19 to 20 April

  • College of Commerce maintains its reputation by achieving A grade
  • Happiness among college teachers, non-teaching staff and students

For the first time, A grade was obtained under the leadership of Principal Baban Singh. For the second time the current Principal Prof. Indrajit Rai and IQSC coordinator Prof. ‘A’ grade has been achieved under the leadership of Santosh Kumar. The Principal of the college said that it is an important achievement for the college to get 'A' grade for the second consecutive time on the current norms of NAAC. NAAC peer team visited the college from 19 to 20 April.