31 thousand less admission in the schools of Jharkhand Dhanbad latest news today in hindi

Live News Update: 31000 less admission in the schools of  Dhanbad Jharkhand

Admission of children decreased from 4,72,928 last year to now only 4,42,069 children

Latest Updated 15/03/2024: A total of 2445 schools are operating in Dhanbad. These include all types of schools including government, private, minority. Out of 2445 schools, only 105 schools have given information related to U DISE (Integrated District Education Information System) Plus school.

  • Out of 2445 schools, 105 schools gave information on the portal.
  • Jharkhand Education Project Council issued letter

This figure is only 4.29 percent. Releasing the report till 14 March 2024, Jharkhand Education Project Council has expressed its displeasure. Importantly, last year the number of students enrolled in schools of Dhanbad was 4,72,928. In the current session it has reduced to 4,42,069 i.e. there has been a decrease of 30,859 students in Dhanbad.

31 thousand less admission in the schools of Dhanbad Jharkhand notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

Let us tell you that as per the instructions received from the Government of India, it is mandatory for all the schools of the state to provide information related to all the students studying in the academic session 23-24 on the U DISE portal. The project has asked for complete upload of all reports on U Dice Plus till 16 March. U DICE Plus is an educational data portal of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Educational plans are prepared using data.

Information about 3,13,965 enrolled children is not yet available. Regarding the student data of 4,42,069 students, the State Project Office says that as per the data of March 14, various schools in Dhanbad have not yet informed about 3,13,965 enrolled children. No information has been given. Online their data is showing not started. Whereas the data of only 3227 students is in progress and the data of 1,24,877 students has been completed. That means only 28.25 percent student data has been received by U Dice Plus.

Focus on private schools and inter colleges. The project director has said in the letter issued that the student wise data should be completed in time. DC and Education Department officials should get the private schools and inter colleges completed at their level by giving instructions. Keeping in view the priority of the work, the personnel engaged in U Dice Plus work should be freed from election work for the next three-four days and given the responsibility of completing it on time. 

What is the project order?

In the order issued by the State Project, it has been said that the student data in E Vidyavahini for the academic session 23-24 has been uploaded on the U Dice Plus portal. This time, the Government of India has newly added weight, height, blood group, disability percentage and date of enrollment in the current school in the student-wise data.