Recruitment of cyber experts through Territorial Army latest news today in hindi

Recruitment of cyber experts through Territorial Army latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 13/01/2024: Now cyber experts will be recruited in the army through the Territorial Army. This will help the army to deal with cyber challenges.

However, the Army has its own separate 'Command Cyber Operations Support Wing' (CCOSW). But, in view of the increasing use of information technology, cyber challenges are continuously increasing before the Army. With the exception of, the need is being felt to train the soldiers at lower levels also. According to the information given by the Army, the recruitment of cyber experts in the Territorial Army has been approved. Trained cyber experts are recruited as officers through the Territorial Army. In recent times, it has opened the way for recruitment of many types of experts. Some time ago, linguists were recruited as officers. Now the application process has been beganed for the recruitment of IT experts.

Recruitment of cyber experts through Territorial Army notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

In the recruitment complete through TA, the appointment is temporary. It depends on the applicant whether he wants to work throughout the year or for a minimum of two months. The minimum post in this is that of Lieutenant.

Military officers will be able to become IT experts

With this decision, IT experts will also get an opportunity to serve the country by wearing the uniform of a military officer. They will be able to serve the country for a few months while continuing their original work. Sources associated with the army said that with time the army needs experts from different fields. For example, translators are required during meetings with the many countries. For this reason, linguists were provide entry through the Territorial Army.