School children will also study POCSO Act from the new session in the Jharkhand latest news today in hindi

School children will also study POCSO Act from the new session 2024-25 in the Jharkhand by JCERT latest news update

Regular classes of this subject will also be conducted from the new session, 16 themes included in various subjects.

Latest Updated 02/12/2023: Students of government schools in Jharkhand will also read the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation Act 2012 (POCSO Act) in the textbook from the new session 2024-25. Jharkhand Council of Educational Research and Training (JCERT) has included it in the syllabus of the upcoming session. This subject is for students of class 6th to 12th. Questions related to this subject will also be asked in the examination.

JCERT Assistant Director Banke Bihari Singh said that earlier children were given information about the POCSO Act under the Health and Wellness program in schools. Now this will be taught to senior children in regular classes. Health and wellness programs are already running in schools in the state. Along with the 11 subjects decided by the Government of India, five subjects added by the Government of Jharkhand have also been included.

School children will also study POCSO Act from the new session in the Jharkhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

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A total of 16 themes along with different subjects have been included in the syllabus. Separate chapters of Wellness and POCSO Act have been kept in it. These topics have been included in pre-determined chapters in the text book for classes 6th to 8th, while for classes 9th to 12th, subject-wise, it has been added at the end of the book.

What is POCSO Act?

POCSO Act is an act made by the Government of India. Under this, effective provisions have been made to effectively curb sexual exploitation of children and to protect children against sexual exploitation, sexual harassment and pornography. The POCSO Act was enacted in 2012 by the Ministry of Child Development, Government of India. Under this, strict provisions have been made for classification of child sexual abuse and punishment for the accused.

Five subjects included in the state

11 theme health and wellness programs have been decided by the central government. These include healthy living, emotional well-being and mental health, interpersonal relationships, values and citizenship, gender equality, drug abuse prevention, healthy lifestyles, reproductive health and HIV prevention, protection against violence and injury, internet and social media. Safe use of. The state has added five subjects - road safety, child marriage as a social evil, dowry system, human trafficking and social emotional skills.

Topics related to Health and Wellness and POCSO Act have been included in the syllabus this time. This will make children understand their rights. The chapters have been created in a very planned manner. Questions will also be asked from this. The department was already giving information to children in this regard. Now children have to study it in the regular course.