Soldiers will take two exams to become police officers in Bihar latest news today in hindi

Soldiers will take two exams to become Police Officers (ASI) in Bihar latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 28/11/2023: To become a police officer from a constable, now one will have to appear for not three but two exams. Police Headquarters has made changes in the Promotional Training Course (PTC). This order has also been implemented with immediate effect. This means that now there will be only two exams to become an ASI from a soldier.

Till now, soldiers had to undergo three written examinations during training. These are known as term and term end examinations. In the 164 days of training, the first periodic examination was held after 50 days. At the same time, there was a rule to conduct the second term examination after completion of 100 days of training. Last of all, the term end examination is conducted. This has been changed. Instead of two term exams, there will now be a mid-term exam. Earlier the term examination was of 20-20 percent of the total prescribed marks of the course. 

Soldiers will take two exams to become police officers in Bihar notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Under the change, there will now be only one term examination and it will be of 25 percent marks instead of 20. The percentage of term end examination has also been changed. The examination to be held at the end of the session will now be of 75 percent marks instead of 60 percent. Police Headquarters has implemented the order related to change in PTC course with immediate effect. This will also be effective in the PTC running in training centres. 

  • Instead of two term exams, now only one will be organized

What is PTC

Promotional Training Course (PTC) is the training course before becoming a constable as ASI. The training period is 164 days. This includes both indoor and outdoor activities. Many subjects related to police manual, law and research are studied. There was also a written examination for the soldiers involved in the training.

Mid term exam will be of 25 percent marks instead of 20 percent

DGP will decide who will conduct the exam

Earlier the term examinations were held under the supervision of the Principal of the training centre. Whereas the responsibility of the examination held at the end of the session was the responsibility of ADG (Training). After the change in PTC course, now the responsibility of conducting both the examinations will be decided by the DGP.