Reservation mandatory in outsourced recruitment in Uttarakhand latest news today in hindi

Reservation mandatory in outsourced recruitment in UK Uttarakhand latest news update 2023

Instructions to department heads, demand personnel from recruitment agencies as per reservation

Latest Updated 07/11/2023: Now reservation will be compulsorily implemented in the posts to be filled through outsourced services in government and semi-government departments. Secretary Personnel Shailesh Bagauli has sent letters in this regard to all secretaries and department heads.

There have often been controversies in the outsourced recruitments so far. Many organizations have also been accused of appointing their acquaintances in backdoor recruitments. From the backdoor recruitments done in the Assembly to all the recruitments done through Upnal, the rules of reservation were ignored.

Reservation mandatory in outsourced recruitment in Uttarakhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Pushkar Dhami government has now strictly implemented the provision of reservation to bring transparency in the posts to be filled through outsource. It will be implemented with immediate effect in state services. Secretary Bagauli said that in future, whatever proposals will be sent to the recruitment agencies for the posts to be filled through outsourced posts, category wise reservation posts will also be included in them. About 22 thousand outsourced employees are working in various government and semi-government departments of the state. Reservation for women, disabled, SC, ST, OBC and freedom fighters was not followed anywhere in these.

On the other hand, State President of Uttarakhand General OBC Employees Association, Deepak Joshi, says that the original objective of reservation was to bring the poor into the mainstream. There are such people in all classes. What reservation is being given to those who have now come under the category of creamery after getting the benefit of reservation? The government will have to scale up the economic base to provide the benefit of reservation, otherwise the poor will remain poor.

At the same time, State President of Uttarakhand SC-ST Employees Federation, Karam Ram says that the government issues GO for providing reservation but does not implement it. Officers kept ignoring reservation in recruitment. This matter has been brought to the notice of the Federation Governments many times. He said that strictest action should be taken against those department heads who do not implement reservation, only then the intentions of the government can be known.

Thousands of employees are working outsourced in various government and semi-government departments of the state.

Vertical Reservation

  • 19 percent SC
  • 14 percent OBC
  • 04 percent scheduled tribe
  • 10 percent EWS

Horizontal Reservation

  • 30 percent women reservation
  • 02 percent ex-servicemen
  • 05 percent orphan children
  • 04 percent reservation for disabled people

All department heads and district magistrates have been instructed to strictly follow reservation in outsourced work. In this regard, letters have been sent to them that all the categories of reservation should be followed in whatever future recruitment takes place.