Education department Bihar now in dispute with BPSC latest news today in hindi

Education department Bihar now in dispute with BPSC latest news update 2023

Issue of deployment of teachers in dispute document verification

Latest Updated 09/09/2023: The education department is now at loggerheads with BPSC. Director of Secondary Education Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava had written a letter to BPSC on Tuesday, objecting to the deployment of teachers and education department officials in checking the certificates of teacher candidates. In response to this, BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad tweeted a sharp reaction on Friday. Also a reply letter was sent by the Secretary of the Commission. The Education Department has also been instructed not to interfere in the work of the Commission. BPSC has termed writing the letter as the audacity of the Education Department. Not only this, he has also warned not to commit such audacity in future. At present, there has been no response from the Education Department on the BPSC letter.

In a letter written to the Education Department, Commission Secretary Ravi Bhushan has said that the certificates of teacher candidates are being examined as per the already existing system. This happens at two levels. First BPSAC does it at its own level. Then the applicant department organizes the placement of successful candidates. Without verification at its own level, the Commission cannot send any recommendation or dossier. The state government has been cooperating in the verification work. Which officer and employee of which department should be deputed for this, it is a matter of the state government. Any objection or request to this should be made to the government.

Education department Bihar now in dispute with BPSC notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Strong tweet of BPSC Chairman

The government deputes its officials and later replaces them. This doesn't worry us. Without naming the department's Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak, he further wrote, 'But such elements who are trying to get TRE-DV (Teacher Recruitment Test-Certificate Verification) cancelled, should try harder. Clarified that the verification will continue.