BPL patient of PMCH Patna treated in Medanta Super Specialty Hospital latest news today in hindi

Breaking News: BPL patient of PMCH treated in Jai Prabha Medanta Hospital Patna

Latest Updated 08/09/2023: Poor patients with BPL cards of PMCH will now be able to get their operations done at Jayaprabha Medanta Super Specialty Hospital. This operation will be completely free. The government will bear their expenses. Hospital Superintendent Dr. IS Thakur gave this information after a meeting with all the major department heads on Thursday.

Dr. IS Thakur said that the treatment of BPL card holders suffering from serious diseases was discussed in the meeting. Common Standard Procedure (SOP) was created for this. In this, it has been decided under which circumstances the head of the department can refer the patient to Medanta. Under this, only patients related to cancer, kidney, heart disease and neuro surgery departments will be referred.

BPL patient of PMCH Patna treated in Medanta hospital latest news update 2023 in hindi

He told that a poor patient suffering from kidney disease has been referred. There the government will bear the cost of his treatment at CGHS rate. However, Dr. Gopal Prasad, chairman of the Department of Kidney Disease, said that no patient has been referred from his department so far.

Provision has been made to reserve 25 percent seats for poor patients in Medanta, State Government and Medanta Group to reserve 25 percent seats for poor patients of the state. Dr. IS Thakur said that action is being taken to refer poor patients under this.