Professor hanged himself in SSLNT Women's College Dhanbad, saved his life latest news today in hindi

Breaking News: Assistant Professor Dr. Veena Jha Sharma hanged herself in SSLNT Women's College Dhanbad

The principal was accused of harassment, the principal said - the allegations are baseless, the four-member team of the university investigated

Latest Updated 06/08/2023: In SSLNT Women's College, Dr. Veena Jha Sharma, Assistant Professor of the History Department, hanged herself in the History Department on Saturday afternoon at around 330 pm. Hanging a cover on the fan in the department, she hanged herself. Some personnel had seen the gate of the department being installed. After the uproar, the gates of the History Department were pushed open. After that everyone together brought down Dr. Veena. His life was saved. After that the workers and teachers heaved a sigh of relief. The video went viral in the no time.

Dr. Veena has accused the principal of the college, Dr. Sharmila Rani, of harassing her. The university and the police were also informed about the incident. University's DSW Dr. SK Sinha, CCDC Dr. AK Maji, FO Dr. Munmun Sharan and Development Officer cum RSP II Principal Dr. RP Singh reached.

Assistant Professor Dr. Veena Jha Sharma hanged himself in SSLNT Women's College Dhanbad latest news update 2023 in hindi

Principal insulted, so hanged After the incident, Dr. Veena Jha Jha Sharma of History Department accused the college principal Dr. Sharmila Rani of torturing and humiliating her in front of journalists. He said that I come and go from Bokaro to SSLNT College everyday. The principal has always humiliated me on many things. On Saturday I went to meet the principal regarding the bill. The principal told me that she is a high profile lady. If something happens, she files a case in the High Court. Apart from this he told me a lot. I got hurt. Self esteem is lovely. Because of this I thought that I don't want to live. I came to the department and hanged myself by hanging my scarf in the fan. All my hair got stuck. After a few moments I felt that I would not survive, but God saved me. Some personnel came and saved my life. Dr. Veena's husband Dr. SK Sharma has been the Principal of PK Rai College, Bokaro Steel City College and other colleges. After the incident, Dr. Veena's doctor daughter told the medicine over the phone. After that he was given medicine.

The small gate of the college was closed after the incident. The small gate of the college was closed after the incident. No outsider was being allowed to enter the campus by the security personnel. Dr. Veena went out of her car around half past five. Kept his point in conversation with journalists near SP residence. After that the investigation team of the university reached.

Told the investigation team and the police – get me justice

In front of the investigation team DSW Dr. SK Sinha, CCDC Dr. AK Maji, FO Dr. Munmun Sharan and Development Officer cum RSP II Principal Dr. RP Singh and police personnel, Dr. Veena said that I want justice. My husband Dr. SK Sharma was the Commissioned Principal for 27 years. Till date he has not bothered anyone. I was deliberately harassed.

Made video first to trap me: Principal

Dr. Sharmila Rani, Principal of SSLNT Women's College, told reporters that the allegations leveled against me are baseless. I am teacher pro. I can't torture anyone. I didn't say anything derogatory or wrong. The conspiracy was being done since Friday itself. On Friday itself, a teacher got a call that a teacher had attempted suicide. While conspiring against me, first made a video by putting a noose around my neck. Both feet were on the table. There is also the question that after all, who started the fan, can someone put a noose in the fan while it is running, there are many questions including whether only the hair got entangled in the fan.

After getting the information about the matter, we should come from the university. A written favor has been sought from Principal Dr. Sharmila Rani and teacher Dr. Veena Jha Sharma. The inquiry report will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor.