You will get old age pension in UP even if you do not have Aadhaar latest news today in hindi

Breaking News: You will get old age pension in UP even if you do not have Aadhar Card

Latest Updated 15/06/2023: Such old people of the state who have been getting government old age pension, but do not have Aadhaar, should not worry. His pension will not stop because of not having Aadhaar. Now the government will make Aadhaar available to such elderly people. State Chief Secretary Durgashankar Mishra has issued an order in this regard recently. In this order, the beneficiaries of the old age pension scheme have been asked to get the verification done by 30 June.

You will get old age pension in UP even if you do not have Aadhaar latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • Chief Secretary ordered the verification of beneficiaries till June 30
  • Employees engaged in the work of verification will also make Aadhaar cards of the elderly.

It has been said in the order that during the verification and compilation of Aadhaar number of beneficiaries in rural and urban areas, it is possible to find some beneficiaries who have not yet made Aadhaar card or who have completed the formalities for Aadhaar card, but They have not received AADHAAR card, only slip is available or slip is lost. In such cases, through the Block Development Officer, Deputy District Magistrate, the verification staff will contact the designated agency for the concerned district to prepare the Aadhaar card, and action will be taken to get the beneficiaries' Aadhaar cards made.

While fixing the time limit for this work, the Chief Secretary has said that he will ensure that the relevant details are made available to the Block Development Officer or the Deputy District Magistrate by June 30.

Due to the necessity of linking the details of the beneficiaries of the scheme with their Aadhaar and mobile numbers, the old age pension being received by all the eligible elderly people is in jeopardy. There are many old people who have been getting government pension, but now due to the compulsion of Aadhaar link, their pension has come to a standstill. At present, about 56 lakh old people in the state are getting the benefit of this pension scheme of the department. Of these, about 49 lakh beneficiaries are from rural areas.