Danapur Nasriganj: Shot while learning to fire, serious latest news today in hindi

Shot while learning to fire, serious in Danapur Nasriganj latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 01/06/2023: Raju, who was learning to shoot with a pistol, was seriously injured on Tuesday late night in the Nasriganj cemetery street of the police station area. Colleagues have admitted him to the private hospital at Saguna Mod. The police have arrested Raju and his two accomplices. After interrogation, the police recovered a pistol and six bullets.

Jitendra Kumar alias Khesari, a resident of Nasriganj, Monu Kumar, a resident of Dalalpur in Shahpur (currently a resident of Nasriganj) and Raju Kumar, a resident of Nasriganj ancient temple, are all three friends. Raju had gone to the bank of the dam in the graveyard lane with Jitendra and Monu late on Tuesday night to learn how to operate a pistol. Jitendra gave Raju a pistol to fire. One firing was done by Raju. For the second time the bullet got stuck in the pistol, on which Jitendra took the pistol and started fixing it. Meanwhile, the bullet was fired and Raju got hit.

Shot while learning to fire in Nasriganj Danapur Patna latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • Danapur incident, injured and his two accomplices arrested
  • A pistol and 6 bullets were also recovered

Police Station President Kamleshwar Prasad Singh told that Raju got injured after being shot while learning and teaching him how to fire with a pistol. The relatives told the police that he had only received information about his injuries. When inquired with the companions, first both of them started talking about getting injured due to firing in the procession. Then after strict questioning both of them gave the correct information. On which Monu and Jitendra alias Khesari were immediately arrested.