Seniority of engineers fixed in UPCL Uttarakhand latest news today in hindi

Seniority of Engineers fixed in UPCL UK Uttarakhand latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 23/06/2023: Efforts to end the long-standing tussle over seniority among engineers in UPCL have intensified. Seniority has been fixed on the orders of the High Court. Now the final order will be from the High Court. After this, the path of promotion will open here.

There is a dispute regarding the seniority of Direct Recruitment AEs in UPCL and AEs promoted from JE. Junior engineers are opposing the addition of training period of assistant engineers in seniority. The objection of the AE side was that even though there was no rule of relaxation in promotion, they were given the benefit. Due to this tussle, more than 36 posts of EE were lying vacant. Following the directions of the High Court, the seniority was decided in three phases. The seniority of Engineers prior to 2007-08 has not been changed. Removed the training period in the seniority of 2007-08, 2008-09. After 2008-09, a decision was taken to fix the seniority of the engineers according to the decision of the High Court. Now the eyes of all the parties are on the decision of the High Court.

Seniority of Engineers fixed in UPCL Uttarakhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Seniority has been fixed as per the order of the High Court. It is being placed before the court. Whatever will be the order from the court level, further action will be taken accordingly.