Child dies due to noose while playing in Doon Uttarakhand latest news today in hindi

Child dies due to noose while playing in Doon UK Uttarakhand latest news update 2023

A 12-year-old boy playing with his younger sister at home died due to the noose of a dog's leash. The child's parents were not present at home at the time of the event. On the other hand, the Patel Nagar police has started an investigation into the matter.

According to Inspector Suryabhushan Singh Negi, Kuldeep, a resident of Mehunwala, set out to drive an auto on Thursday. Whereas, his wife went to the market in the evening. His 12-year-old son Karthik and ten-year-old daughter were present at home. Both were playing with the dog's leash. Meanwhile, suddenly Karthik throws the strap over the bedroom door, one part of which gets stuck in the latch on the other side of the door, while the other part gets caught around Karthik's neck and he swings on the noose.

Child dies due to noose while playing in Doon Uttarakhand latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • 12-year-old boy gets dog's leash noose around his neck
  • He was playing with 10 year old sister, police is probing

The younger sister tried to open the noose. But, failing in this, called the people of the neighborhood. People took the child out of the trap and took him to the hospital, but the doctor declared the child dead. On receiving information from the hospital, the police reached the mortuary. After seeing the dead body of the child, inspected the spot. Considering the matter as serious, postmortem was done on Friday and the dead body was handed over to the relatives. ISBT Outpost Incharge Sanjit Kumar said that information has been collected from those who took the child out of the trap and took him to the hospital.

Dog's leash stuck on one side of the door hinge, on the other side stuck in the child's neck

Do not leave children alone to play, keep a close watch

According to Dr. Neelam Joshi, Child Psychologist, Coronation Hospital, Nidhi Kala, Child Psychologist, Doon Hospital, parents should supervise children while they are playing. Create awareness about the kind of sports children should play. Do not leave children alone outside for long. Children should also be careful in swings etc. Be extra vigilant about children. Never leave children alone. Keep the family members in whom grandparents can be grandparents. If he is not there, keep a care taker. There should be no sharp objects in the furniture etc. kept in the house. Keep the water tank etc. covered. Keep hanging items out of reach of children. Keep the gas knob off and away. CCTV cameras can also be installed for monitoring. Ask neighbors to watch the kids too. 

Do not give coins etc. to children. Gate should not be sharp, keep distance from shutter etc., apply lock properly. Do not keep any sharp objects at home, do not keep broken glass at all. Keep the gate leading to the terrace closed. Keep the water off in the bathroom as well, keep the lid closed. Put tape on the switch of electricity. Children should not be made to sit very high, it would be better to make them sit on the ground with a mattress.