Those who do not pay house tax in Dehradun will be charged four times latest news today in hindi

People who do not pay house tax in Dehradun Uttarakhand will be charged 4 times latest news update 2023

There are 80 thousand buildings which have not paid the house tax deposit even once

Latest Updated 05/05/2023: The Municipal Corporation is going to clamp down on such residential and commercial building owners of the city area, who have not deposited house tax even once. Along with tracing through GIS mapping, the Municipal Commissioner has given notices to such building owners and ordered them to collect four times the tax.

At present there are 100 wards in the city. Except residential buildings of 40 new wards, all other residential and commercial buildings come under the ambit of house tax. But, many building owners are not paying tax. GIS mapping of such buildings is going on in Doon. This work has also been completed in 54 wards and is continuing in nine wards. 1.25 lakh buildings have been identified in all the wards, which are not paying house tax. Of these, there are 80,000 such buildings, which have not paid tax even once. This also includes the residential buildings of the new wards. But, the Doon Municipal Corporation has started making a list of those who come under the ambit of tax.

Those who do not pay house tax in Dehradun will be charged four times latest news update 2023 in hindi

Dehradun Municipal Corporation has set a target of recovery of 75 crores this year

Doon Municipal Corporation has set a target of Rs 75 crore for collection this year. This time the target of house tax collection is Rs 75 crore. 13 crores have come so far.

In the Municipal Corporation area, such buildings are being marked with GIS mapping, whose house tax has not been deposited even once. Some figures have been received, the process of sending notices has been started to collect four times the tax from them. Employees are also marking those who do not deposit tax even under the self-assessment system in the workplace. -Manuj Goyal, Municipal Commissioner

Concession to residential buildings of new wards of Municipal Corporation

Residential buildings of 40 new wards included in the Municipal Corporation are exempted from house tax for ten years. Notices will be sent only to commercial building owners in these wards. If he has not deposited the tax even once, he will have to pay four times the tax.

Cases will be caught like this

MDDA Vice President Banshidhar Tiwari told that the sector in-charges have been asked to scrutinize the records of the challans so far. The architects whose maps will have the most invoices will be blacklisted after checking their working style. Maps will not be submitted through them.

Earned 12 crores

Compounding camps are being organized by MDDA on every Saturday. Those doing illegal construction and plotting without passing the layout are being challaned along with action. Due to this, revenue of around 12 crores has been received in the account of MDDA in the month of March.