Shortage of negative blood in SNMMCH Dhanbad latest news today in hindi

Shortage of negative blood in SNMMCH Medical College latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 18/05/2023: 196 units of blood are available in SNMMCH blood bank. Despite this, many patients have to worry about blood. The reason is the shortage of blood of negative group here. This shortage has persisted for the past several days. To overcome this shortage, the blood bank is constantly trying to organize camps, but due to the scorching heat, the camp is not being organized.

According to the stock released by the blood bank on Wednesday morning, it has the highest number of 129 units of blood B positive. It is followed by the highest O positive. In the morning it was available 57 units. There is a shortage of blood of all other groups. Patients of negative group have started having trouble in getting blood. Some are getting blood on replacement. For some patients, a donor of the same group has to be found. There is many of problems in this. It becomes difficult to find a donor of the same group.

Shortage of negative blood in SNMMCH Dhanbad latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • Blood of B positive and O positive group is highest
  • Somehow work is going on for replacement in the hospital

Blood Status in SNMMCH Blood Bank

















(Wednesday at 10.08 am) 

AB negative zero

SNMMCH blood bank did not have AB negative group blood on Wednesday morning. Its stock had become zero. Also B negative was one unit, O negative two units and A negative three units. A positive one unit and AB positive also had three units of blood left. However, in this regard, experts say that the number of blood groups in the blood bank can be increased by making people aware.