KKC Inter College Lucknow Uttar Pradesh: 27 vocational courses will be started in undergraduate course notification latest news today in hindi

27 Vocational Courses will be started in UG Course in KKC College Lucknow latest news update 2023

Basics of Web Design, Entrepreneurship in Zoology course also included

Latest Updated 27/04/2023: In Shri Jai Narayan Mishra PG College (KKC), a total of 27 vocational courses will be started in the second and fourth semesters at the undergraduate level. In this, fourteen courses will start in the second and thirteen courses in the fourth. In this regard, Principal Prof. Mita Sah has released the list.

Rituals in culture, working hindi in hindi

Counseling and Guidance in Pedagogy in Second Semester in Informatics, Rural/Tribal Community Studies in Sociology, Ancient Indian Numismatics in AIH, Basic Communication Skills in B.P.Ed, Rituals in Sanskriti, Working Hindi in Hindi, Financial Literacy and Banking in Commerce, Geology in Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS, Basics of Computer in Computer Science, Seri Culture Methods and Prospects in Zoology, Food Chemistry in Chemistry, Optoelectronics in Physics, Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis in Statistics, and Mushroom Cultivation in Botany. and technology courses have been included.

27 Vocational Courses will be started in UG Course in Shri Jai Narain Mishra PG College (KKC) notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

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13 courses in 4th semester

At the graduation level, 13 vocational courses will be started in the fourth semester. In this, Basics of Indian Economy in the Department of Economics, Enhancing Communication Skills in English, Legislative Practice Procedure in Political Science, History and Tourism in India and Europe (18 to 20 Centuries) in MIH, Euro-Arab Culture in Arab Culture, Entrepreneurship in Commerce and Fundamentals of Personal Finance, Geoarchaeology in Geology, Basics of Web Design in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship in Zoology, Introduction to Household Chemistry in Chemistry, Soaps, Detergents, Optoelectronics in Physics and Hydroponics Cultivation in Botany The plants have also been kept as per the information.