Private schools of Doon Uttarakhand increased fees by up to 10% latest news today in hindi

Private schools of Doon UK Uttarakhand increased fees by up to 10 percent latest news update 2023

Parents are worried about the increase in fees in the new session, admission and annual fees are being arbitrarily

Latest Updated 21/03/2023: Many schools in Doon have increased the fees by 10 percent from the new session, while many are preparing to increase it. Apart from this, four to eight thousand rupees are being taken from the parents in the name of admission and annual fees.

New session is going to start in schools from April. In such a situation, parents are getting worried about the education of their children. Parents are also worried about the increase in fees from the new session after the inflation on books, copies and stationery. Dehradun schools have increased tuition fees by up to 10 per cent citing not increasing fees in Kovid. Many schools have also deposited the advance fees for April in March itself. Rest of the schools are also preparing to increase the fee by 10 to 20 percent from the new session. Schools have started sending messages to the parents regarding the increased fees. Anushka Dabral told that earlier her son's monthly fee was Rs 3800. There has been an increase of Rs 380 in this. At the same time, along with school fees, Rs 200 is being taken separately every month in the name of mobile app.

Private schools of Doon Uttarakhand increased fees by up to 10% notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • Parents said, the government should fix the fees
  • Schools say that expenses are increasing

Schools did not increase fees in Kovid. While the salaries, increments and other expenses of maintenance and teachers are also increasing every year. Online classes are also happening. The government does not even give any grant. In such a situation, the fees will have to be increased for good education. Anyway, the court has ordered that the fees can be increased by eight to ten percent every year. There is nothing wrong in this. -Doctor. Prem Kashyap, President Progressive Principal's School Association

Private schools are charging fees arbitrarily. The fees are already very high. If further increase then it will be difficult for common parents to teach children in public schools. The standard of education in government schools has dropped a lot. In such a situation, the government should rein on the fees of private schools and fix the fees.

Separate fees for hobby classes and activities

If some schools did not increase the fees, they have started charging extra fees in the name of hobby classes and activity classes. Fees ranging from one thousand to one and a half thousand are being charged in this. Apart from this, two hundred to five hundred rupees are being taken separately per month in the name of mobile app, whereas now online classes are not running.

Complain about arbitrariness here in Dehradun

Arrangements have also been made by the Education Department to complain about the arbitrariness of private schools. Parents can also complain directly to the Chief Education Officer's office or on mail id