Amount will be recovered from fake Para Teachers of Jharkhand notification latest news today in hindi

Amount will be recovered from fake Para Teachers (Assistant Teachers) of Jharkhand latest news update 2023

Strict legal action will be taken by registering an FIR

Latest Updated 22/01/2023: Verification of certificates of para teachers (assistant teachers) of Jharkhand is going on. In this, certificates of many mercury teachers have been found to be fake. The state government has decided to take legal action as well as recover honorarium from such para-teachers while registering an FIR. For this, the Department of School Education and Literacy has directed all the districts to take action and submit the report by 31 January.

500 have submitted their resignations. The process of checking the certificates of 61,000 mercury teachers is going on in the state. Its date has been extended several times. Still the certificates of more than eight thousand mercury teachers have not been verified. There are about 500 who did not apply for certificate verification, those who resigned, were not coming to school for a long time and those who submitted certificates but found them to be fake. The education department has directed to take separate action on all these.

Amount will be recovered from fake Para Teachers (Assistant Teachers) of Jharkhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Kiran Kumari Pasi, State Project Director of Jharkhand Education Project Council, has asked the districts to recover honorarium according to the Jharkhand Assistant Teacher Service Conditions Rules 2021, whose certificates have been found to be fake. Also, legal action will be taken by registering an FIR against them.

Two hundred teachers did not give certificates for investigation

About two hundred mercury teachers did not submit their certificates for verification. Jharkhand Education Project Council has directed all DEO-DSE to terminate the service of such para teachers. Districts have been told that action should be taken to relieve all those assistant teachers who have not submitted their certificates for verification. Also, it should be ensured that honorarium is not paid from January 2023.

Mercury teachers who resign will be investigated

About 133 mercury teachers have given their resignation during the certificate verification. The Education Department has directed to investigate the reason for the resignation of such para teachers. In the investigation, if the matter of doing job on the basis of fake certificate comes to light, then their honorarium can also be recovered. At the same time, it has been asked to ensure necessary action against 107 para teachers who have not been present in the school for a long time.

The honorarium of those with fake certificates will be recovered. Action will also be taken against those who resigned or did not take the certificate for verification.

Report sought till 31 January Report related to action taken on mercury teachers has been sought from the districts till 31 January. It will also be ensured that the certificates of the remaining mercury teachers are checked by 31 January. Districts have been told that whose educational and educational certificates are pending for verification in various boards and universities. Districts will ensure to complete their investigation by 31 January, so that after verification, para teachers can fill online application for assessment test. JAC has fixed the last date for filling the application till 10th February.