A drunken student created a ruckus in PK Rai College latest news today in hindi

A drunken student created a ruckus in PK Roy Memorial College Dhanbad latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 12/01/2023: A student of degree semester one in PK Rai Memorial College has been accused of creating ruckus and abusing in a drunken state.

The matter is being told at 3 pm on 9 January. The matter came to light on Wednesday in the complaint of a student. In the student's application, several students described themselves as present at the time of the incident. The student has also released the picture of the accused student along with the application. The matter went to the Principal Dr. Naseem Ahmed. Principal Dr. Naseem Ahmed said that the student was forgiven while giving a warning. TC will be released if such mistake is made in future. One chance has been given. Both have been compromised. 

A drunken student created a ruckus in PK Roy College Dhanbad notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Experts say that the student and the student are associated with two different student organisations. Supporters of a student organization are correcting the incident. On the other hand, supporters of another student organization say that the student had not taken any intoxicant. The allegation is wrong. When the student abused, the girl student also abused in response.