Certificate of 11 thousand Para Teachers of Jharkhand could not be checked notification latest news today in hindi

Certificate of 11000 Para Teachers of Jharkhand could not be checked latest news update 2023

The date of investigation is over, the education department sent a proposal to extend the time for 15 days to the minister

Latest Updated 01/01/2023: The date for verification of certificates of para teachers (assistant teachers) of Jharkhand ended on Saturday. The verification of certificates of about 50,000 teachers has been completed, while the verification of certificates of 11,000 para teachers is yet to be done. The Department of School Education and Literacy is preparing to extend the process of verification of the certificates of the remaining mercury teachers by 15 days. For this a proposal has been sent to Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato.

The report has come to check the certificates of 50 thousand mercury teachers

The process of checking the certificates of 61,000 mercury teachers in the state was started from April. The investigation process was to be completed by September. If the investigation was not completed, then the honorarium of para teachers was banned. After this, Chief Minister Hemant Soren intervened and directed to complete the investigation process by December 31 and not to stop the honorarium in any way during this period. Now the investigation process has not been completed and the certificates of mercury teachers are still pending in the investigation, then preparations are being made to extend the time of 15 days for the investigation. Most of these certificates have gone to various universities, boards and institutions for verification. For the last one week, the investigation report could not come due to the holidays in the universities. At the same time, the certificates of para teachers who have done intermediate in less time than NIOS and have scored more than 50 percent marks have also been given recognition.

Certificate could not be checked of 11 thousand Para Teachers of Jharkhand notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • Assessment exam will be held in February

More than 260 teachers turned out to be fake

The process of checking the certificates of para teachers is going on. During this, more than 260 mercury teachers have left their jobs themselves. There is a possibility that he left his job because his certificate was fake. At the same time, the education department is also marking such para teachers whose certificates were found to be fake during the investigation. All such teachers will be relieved from the charge of December 31 and they will not be paid honorarium from January 1.

Four percent increase in annual honorarium

The honorarium of para teachers whose certificate verification has been completed and their satisfactory service has been confirmed by the administrative-cum-disciplinary authority will be increased by four per cent with effect from January 1. Four per cent annual increase in the honorarium of mercury teachers will be for the first time.

The assessment test for 10 percent increase in the honorarium of mercury teachers will be held in February 2023. Only those para teachers whose certificates have been verified are able to apply for the same. After giving time for checking the certificates of 11,000 mercury teachers left for 15 days, 15 days time will also be given for applying for the assessment test. After this, the Jharkhand Academic Council will be able to take the first assessment test in February before matriculation and intermediate exams.