IIT Dhanbad Students Won 4.8 lakh rupees notification 2022 latest news today in hindi

IIT ISM Dhanbad: Won 4.8 lakh rupees latest news update 2022

Latest Updated 21/11/2022: In the International Switch Energy Case Competition, the students of IIT Dhanbad reached the final round and won Rs 4,80,000 in Indian currency.

It was an international competition in which university students presented their ideas to address real-world energy challenges and develop potential solutions. The final round was held on 12 November, the result of which was declared on Sunday. 

Won 4.8 lakh rupees by the Students of IIT Dhanbad latest news update 2022 in hindi

A total of two teams from IIT ISM reached the finals of the competition and won cash prizes. Team The Catalysts, comprising Ayesha Rani, Sourav Kumar Sharma, Divyansh Verma and Ayush Dwivedi, has secured global rank three. Has won a cash prize of US$ 5,000. Team Urja Vridhi, consisting of Physik Agarwal, Raj Kumar, Ajay Kumar and Ranjan Kumar.