Fierce fighting between two groups in Patna College, firing latest news today in hindi

Fierce fighting between two groups in Patna College, firing latest news update 2022

Latest Updated 20/11/2022: In the PU student union elections, there was a fierce fight between two groups near the Geography Department in Patna College at around 1.30 pm on Saturday. During this five to six rounds of firing were done. Due to which the situation of stampede was created. Everyone started running to save their lives. The police remained mute spectators during the entire incident. The situation was brought under control after about half an hour. Pirbahor police station in-charge said that the entire matter is being investigated. The reasons for the fight could not be ascertained.

  • The fight took place in front of the police administration, the police remained mute spectators
  • Sporadic incidents happening in Science College and Commerce College

Fierce fighting between two groups in Patna College latest news update 2022 in hindi

According to the information, a fake voter was caught at the booth of the administrative building of Patna College. By beating him, the boys of the hostels of Patna College threw him out. During this, whoever kept coming in the middle was also assaulted. According to eyewitnesses, a fight broke out between Jackson and Patel hostel students. First the student of Patel hostel was thrashed. After this Patel's students already present at Ashok Rajpath started firing. During this, media persons were also targeted along with many students. Photograph: Saroj Kumar has suffered a severe head injury. Wherein Shambhu Nath's mobile, mic, ID were broken. Apart from this, Vishnu Narayan got hurt. While the proctor of the university, Prof. Rajneesh Kumar said that action will be taken against the culprits after watching the video footage. Here, during the elections, there was a fight between supporters of JAP and RJD in Science College. At the same time, there was an incident of fight in the commerce college. However, it was soon brought under control.