Opposition to direct recruitment on fifty percent posts of principal in Uttarakhand notification latest news today in hindi

Opposition to direct recruitment on 50 percent posts of principal in UK (Uttarakhand) latest news update 2022

Discussion in the session of the State Teachers Association, the election of the district executive today

Latest Updated On 12/10/2022: The decision to fill fifty percent posts of principal by direct recruitment should be canceled immediately. Apart from this, the post of Vice Principal should be re-created in schools where the number of students is more than three hundred. These demands arose in the session held on Tuesday at Rainka Mehuwala, Government Teachers' Association, District Dehradun.

Opposition to direct recruitment on fifty percent posts of principal in Uttarakhand notification latest news update 2022 in hindi

Dharampur MLA Vinod Chamoli, who arrived as the chief guest at the convention, said that the government is doing and will do all possible solutions to the problems of teachers, but teachers will also have to pay special attention to the quality of education. On the demand of the teacher building on behalf of the union, he assured that he would give full help to the teachers on this. He also asked for its proposal. District President Subhash Jhildiyal and District Minister Nagendra Purohit told that elections are to be held for the new executive committee of the union on Wednesday, in which 1841 teachers will vote. Its preparations have been completed. Many teachers including CEO Dr. Mukul Sati, Sudarshan Singh Bisht and DEO Basic Rajendra Singh Rawat were present in the meeting.

These are also demands

  • The teachers appointed after October 2005 should be given the benefit of old pension.
  • Immediate promotions should be made on the vacant posts of spokesperson, headmaster and principal.
  • For the transfer of government teachers, transfers should be made through counseling by making a transparent act.
  • Travel leave should be restored immediately.
  • Art, exercise, agriculture, music, home science and lecturer posts should be created as compulsory subjects in the school.
  • Make SGHS health card cashless from OPD itself.
  • In schools with high student strength, the posts abolished on the basis of surplus should be revived in the interest of the students.
  • Salary payment of teachers of schools of Samagra Shiksha should be regularized.
  • The right of 15 days medical approval should be given to the principal at the school level.
  • The selection of adjusted teachers / teachers should be accepted with the promoted pay scale.
  • Eliminate pay discrepancies received from the 6th and 7th pay scales and the inequalities of junior and senior should be removed immediately.
  • An order should be issued to automatically give term-end benefits to the teachers.
  • One increment should be given on the selection-promoted pay scale.
  • 25 percent quota should be fixed for LT and Lecturers in administrative cadre from academic cadre.
  • Graduation pay scale LT's selection pay scale 5400 grade pay and spokesperson promoted pay scale 7600 grade pay.