Brainstorming on Inter studies in PU Patna University notification latest news 2022 in hindi

Brainstorming on Inter studies in Patna University latest news update 2022

Latest Updated On 09/08/2022: Patna University Academic Council has given permission in ten courses to be run through CBCS (Choice Based Credit System). Apart from this, the names of many courses have been changed.

Academic Council meeting was held on Monday. Presiding Vice Chancellor Prof. Girish Kumar Choudhary. It was decided in the meeting that only the regular teachers of the university would set up the question paper setting, examination and evaluation in Patna University. Regular teachers will evaluate the answer sheets of the students only. The teachers here will also select the question paper for them on the basis of their studies. The Academic Council also approved this proposal. Along with this, the Council congratulated the Vice-Chancellor for getting permission from Raj Bhavan to study in the University from Choice Based Credit System 2022-23. Apart from this, the proposal for amendment of the Statute of Courses was approved. At the same time, there was a discussion in Patna University Academic Council regarding the proposal to start Inter education. In this, the members said that the Patna University itself had not finished the Inter studies, but the government had abolished the Inter studies from Patna University itself in the first phase on the basis of the affidavit given in the court. Whereas studies are still going on in other universities. In such a situation, the Academic Council decided that keeping in mind that affidavit, if any proposal comes from the government, then it will be considered to start Inter education. The post of teachers will have to be created on the basis of Inter from the government. Only after that Intermediate studies are possible. Intermediate studies are not possible with so few teachers. There will now be two out-of-state examiners for PhD thesis evaluation. If some negative points have been shown in any thesis by those examiners, then after getting it corrected, the thesis will be sent to the same examiner again. They will also be called in the interview.

Brainstorming on Inter studies in PU Patna University notification latest news update in hindi

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Net, slate, tet compulsion end in professor appointment

In the appointment of guest professors to be held in Patna University, now the compulsion of NET, Slate, Tet has been abolished. This proposal was approved through the Academic Council. Under the 2018 Act of the University Grants Commission, now the candidates will have to compulsorily give a PhD certificate.

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