86 thousand teachers will be restored from fast track in Jharkhand notification latest news 2022 in hindi


 Trending News: 86000 Teachers will be reinstated by fast track in Jharkhand Dhanbad latest news update 2022

Latest Updated On 27/06/2022: Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto said that 86 thousand teachers will be restored in Jharkhand through fast track. The appointment of teachers on 26 thousand posts will be done immediately, while the restoration will start as soon as the process of creation of 60 thousand posts is completed. The Education Minister made this announcement at the Education Fair of India. He inaugurated the two day fair.

86 thousand teachers will be recruited from fast track in Jharkhand latest notification update 2022 in hindi

The Education Minister appealed to the state officials, police, media personnel to teach a bell in one or the other school. Share your experiences among children. If the education sector becomes better then Jharkhand will move ahead. He said that the no. of govt-non-govt teachers in the state is about 1.50 lakh. If one teacher makes one person literate every year, then 1.5 lakh people will be literate. On inter-district transfer and old pension of teachers, the minister said that teachers should not worry for themselves, we are worrying about them.