Chief Justice NV Ramana send the names soon to fill the vacant posts of judges in the High Court notification latest news 2022 in hindi

NV Ramana Send the names soon to fill the vacant posts of judges in the High Court latest news update

Latest Updated On 30/04/2022: Chief Justice Justice NV Ramana has called for sending the names of candidates for filling up the vacancies of judges to the government at the earliest. Justice Ramana was addressing a conference of Chief Justices of High Courts on Friday. The conference is being held after a gap of six years.

Chief Justice of the country Justice Ramana said that you will remember that after becoming the Chief Justice, I had sent a letter about the vacancies to be filled. After this, the same thing was underlined in the online talks as well. He said that many High Courts do good work. They have sent all the names to fill the vacancies. Because of this, 126 judges have been appointed in the High Courts within a year. Hopefully 50 more appointments will be made soon.

High Court Judges vacant posts to be filled soon says NV Ramana latest notification update

The Chief Justice said that in the last one year we have been successful in appointing 9 judges in the Supreme Court and 10 Chief Justices in various High Courts. He said that since he took office last year, he has made 180 recommendations to judges. Out of this, 126 appointments have been made and 54 proposals are under consideration of the government. The government has received about 100 proposals from various High Courts, which have not yet been sent to the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice said that the High Court would soon send the names for 212 vacancies. Actually, after receiving the proposal from the High Court, the government does their scrutiny and intelligence investigation and then sends it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court puts its seal on them and sends them back to the government, after which the government issues a warrant for the appointment of judges. Recently, in response to a question in Parliament, the government had said that the proposal received from the High Court is under investigation.