Kapil Sharma New Look in Nandita Das upcoming movie Odisha's Bhubaneswar latest news update

Trending News: Kapil Sharma Play the role of Food Delivery Boy in Nandita Das film Odishas Bhubaneswar 

Comedy king Kapil Sharma is shooting for Nandita Das's film Odisha's Bhubaneswar these days. In this movie, he will be seen playing the role of a food delivery boy. On Friday i.e.; 18/03/2022, a fan of Comedian Kapil Sharma shared a pic of him in an orange t-shirt in which he is seen sitting on a bike & has a food delivery bag on his waist. A fan looked quite excited while sharing this pic of him during the shooting. He wrote on Twitter – Sirji, I saw you live today.

Kapil Sharma Upcoming Movie (Odisha Bhubaneswar) 2022 play as delivery boy look of Swiggy

Kapil Sharma also retweeted this tweet of his fan & wrote – Don't tellthis anyone. However, Nandita Das has transformed Kapil Sharma's look in such a way that you will hardly be able to recognize him without zooming the picture. An user wrote in the comment section box – I was looking for Kapil in this differ look. The person with Swiggy turned out to be Kapil. One another fan jokingly wrote – Have you found another job sir or a part time job?

Kapil Sharma as Food Delivery Boy of Swiggy in his upcoming film Odishas Bhubaneswar trending news

People enjoyed in comment box

Fans have made funny comments on this pic of Kapil Sharma. One user wrote – Kapil paaji Have you join the part time job. So there another user wrote – This is really Kapil Sharma. While some fans looked quite excited, many others could not even recognize Kapil in this look. Let us tell you that in the past, Comedian Kapil Sharma himself had told the fans about his upcoming film Odishas Bhubaneswar.

Kapil Sharma has flopped in films

Kapil Sharma has appeared in some movies even before this, although his movies could not show that amazing at the box office as Kapil Sharma shows during comedy. Now that Nandita Das is producing his movie, fans have high hopes from Kapil Sharma's movie. It has to be seen how amazing this movie can show at the box office.

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