Health of Department Jharkhand ANM, Doctor & Paramedical Recruitment 2022 notification latest news today in hindi


JSSC Health Department Recruitment 2022 latest news update in hindi

JSSC Health Department 3965 ANM, Doctor and Paramedical Personnel Recruitment 2022 

Health of Department Jharkhand JSSC 3965 ANM, Doctor and Paramedical Vacancy 2022

Proposal for creation of 1980 posts of doctor and paramedical has been sent to the post category committee

There will be reinstatement on 3965 posts in the health department

Latest update on 13/03/2022:  In order to provide better health facilities to the people of the state, the health department will appoint doctors and medical personnel on a large scale. According to Additional Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Singh, Health Department, preparations have been made for the appointment of 3965 vacancies in the state at present. In this, apart from the restoration of 1985 vacant posts of ANM, 1980 posts of doctors & paramedical will be appointed in 134 primary health centers. The Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) informed that the proposal for the creation of 1980 posts of doctors & paramedical personnel for 134 primary health centers of the state has been sent to the administrative post category committee. After the creation of the post by the administrative post category committee, the process of appointment to these posts of doctor & paramedical will be started.

File sent to personnel for the appointment of ANM: For the appointment of 1985 vacant posts of ANM in the state, the Health Department had sent a requisition to the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission through Personnel Department in 2019 itself.

In the November last, Personnel Department had directed to make available the requisition by correction the earlier rules. After it, the file has been sent by the Health Department to the Personnel Department for the revised rules.

After getting the agreement from the cabinet, the requisition for the appointment will be sent to the Jharkhand State Staff Selection Commission (JSSC). Candidates can get the more information about Health of Department Jharkhand 3965 ANM, Doctor & Paramedical Recruitment 2022 through this given link  -

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Jharkhand Health Department Recruitment 2022 notification in hindi for 3965 posts

There is acute deficiency of doctors in rural areas

There is acute shortage of doctors and medical personnel in the medical centers of rural areas of the state. According to the Health Department, 330 posts of general doctors are sanctioned in rural areas, against which 222 are working.

That is, 108 posts are vacant. On the other hand, if we talk about specialist medicine in rural areas, 47.19 percent posts are vacant in the sanctioned posts of specialist doctors. A total of 339 posts are sanctioned in medical centers in rural areas of the state, while the requirement is 684 specialists. Despite this, only 179 are working against the sanctioned posts. That is, out of 339 sanctioned posts, 160 are vacant.

At present one doctor per 6500 people in the state

Due to the shortage of doctors in the state, the treatment facilities are getting affected. At present, six doctors are handling the work of one doctor in the state. The issue was also raised by Dr. Rajesh of Rani Hospital in the budget symposium with the government. Dr Rajesh had said that according to the standard there should be one doctor for 1000 people. The situation in Jharkhand is that instead of 1000, there is one doctor available for 6500 people.

That is, it is clear that a doctor in Jharkhand has a load of six doctors. Because of this, the public is not getting the health facilities that it deserves.

Initiative of the department to improve the health system of the state, preparations to start the process soon

The Health Department has sent a proposal to JSSC for the appointment of 1985 vacant posts of ANM

For four months, the Finance Department has a proposal to create a post

Keeping in view the requirement of health facilities in the state, a proposal has been ready to create 1980 posts of doctors & paramedical personnel in 134 primary health centers. But the Finance Department is putting hurdles in the restoration of these vacancies. According to the details, this file has been sent by the Health Department to Finance Department about 4 months ago. But it has not been approved by the Finance Department till now. Emphasis is being laid on reducing the no. of posts by the Finance Department. Whereas, the Health of Department is not ready to reduce the vacancies in view of the needs of the state.

Had to lay off due to shortage of post

In year 2020, curtailment of outsourced personnel was done in September 2020 (instruction no. 646-6)

But due to non-creation of vacancies, due to non-availability of vacancies, medical personnel are not being re-appointed.

54% posts of nursing staff are vacant

About 54% posts of nursing staff are vacant in the rural areas. According to 2020 Health of Department (HoD) report, 1913 vacancies of nursing staff are approved against in the Rural Health Center (RHC) which only 888 are working while 1025 posts are lying vacant.

Simultaneously, out of 545 sanctioned posts of Lab Technician, 181 out of 391 sanctioned posts of Pharmacist, 163 are vacant. Whereas, 462 are needed in both the posts. At the same time, out of 188 sanctioned posts of Radiographer, 66 posts are vacant.

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