MMHAPU University: Only 117 applications for 340 seats in postgraduate latest news today in hindi

only 117 applications for 340 seats in 8 pg subjects in mmhapu patna latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 02/07/2024: Maulana Mazharul Haq Arabic-Farsi University has received less applications than the number of seats. There are 340 seats in eight PG subjects. Only 117 applications were received in these.

In a way, not even 40 percent of the applications have been received from the prescribed seats. There are some subjects in which not a single application has been received. Not a single application has been received in 40 seats in Persian subject. 11 out of 40 in English, 11 out of 40 in Urdu, 09 out of 40 in Arabic, 15 out of 40 in Education, 15 in Islamic Studies. The highest number of applications received is 41 out of 60 in MBA. Due to less applications, the date of application has been extended from 29 June to 10 July. 

only 117 applications for 340 seats in 8 pg subjects in mmhap university patna notification pdf download latest news update 2024 in hindi

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On this matter, the Registrar of the University, Colonel Kamesh Kumar, said that due to the requirement of 75 percent attendance, less applications are being received. However, the university is making efforts at its own level to fill the seats. A campaign is being run through social media to encourage people to enroll in the university.

The same is the situation of Aryabhatta Gyan University. Here too, master's courses are offered in many subjects. In this, no subject has received more applications than the prescribed seats. The situation is not good for subjects ranging from journalism to nano science, School of Economics, geographical studies and reverse study.