10 copycats caught on the first day of NTA JEE Mains Session 2 Exam latest news today in hindi

10 copycats caught on the first day of NTA JEE Main Exam Session 2 latest news update 2024

This time the candidates are being identified through AI

Latest Updated 06/04/2024: NTA has detected ten cases of cheating on the first day of JEE Main Phase II exam. Nine cases of appearing in the examination in lieu of another and use of unfair means have come to light.

NTA has detected cases of cheating with the help of technology. NTA has released a notification in this regard after the examination on 4 April.

10 copycats caught on the first day of NTA JEE Main Exam Session 2 2024 notification latest news update in hindi

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NTA Senior Director (Examination) Sadhna Parashar said that all the ten students are from different states. Information about this will also be released soon. The investigation is still going on. According to NTA, this year the candidate identification is being done through AI. In this, the photo of the student's admit card and the photo taken at the examination center are being viewed by combining them with I-Face. NTA has said that preparations have been made to control cheating and unfair means in various examinations. Recently, the measures taken to stop the cheating by releasing the notification have been implemented in JEE Main April session & its effect was visible on the first day.

Students coming out after giving JEE Main from a center in Patliputra of the capital on Friday

  • In one case, a candidate appearing for the exam in exchange for another was held.
  • Nine cases are linked to the use of unfair means

Recording is being done through CCTV and AI tools

NTA has used multiple verification, biometric, e-KYC, checking of students and various AI based tools to conduct the examinations smoothly and transparently this year. NTA has even sent the flying squads to the examination centers for it. Even AI based control rooms have been created to control the examination. NTA has clarified that the data during the time of taking the exam is being analyzed. During the examination, every activity of the student is being recorded through the CCTV & AI tools.