AKTU Lucknow: Now major with minors and honors degree in BTech latest news today in hindi

Now major with minors and honors degree in B.Tech in AKTU Lucknow latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 29/03/2024: AKTU has decided to give B.Tech students the opportunity to pursue minors or honors degree along with major degree. Students studying in the fourth semester of B.Tech in the session 2023-24 will be able to choose the option of Minors or Honors degree along with Major degree.

Vice Chancellor Prof. JP Pandey told that in the fourth semester of B.Tech, students can fill the option of selecting Minors or Honors degree at the time of registration. Each Minors or Honors degree course will be a track of five subjects and 18 to 20 credits. Normally it will be offered as an additional subject from fourth to eighth semester. The student will have to complete the Honors degree course along with the major degree. The minor degree will be in a different branch than the major degree. Honors degree will be a special branch of the major degree.

  • Options for students studying in the fourth semester of B.Tech.
  • Students will be able to study Honors in 21 branches

Now major with minors and honors degree in B.Tech in AKTU Lucknow notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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Branch for minor

1. Artificial Management and Machine Learning

2. Data Science

3. Internet of Things

4. Technical Textiles

5. Green Technology and Sustainability Engineering

6. Waste Technology

7. Energy Engineering

8. Robotics

9. Universal Human Values

10. Project Management

The Vice Chancellor said that if a student is unable to complete the honors degree course, it will not affect his major degree. The subjects completed by the student in Minors and Honors degree will be recorded as additional subjects and credits in the mark sheet of his/her Major degree. So that the student can get its benefits further. AKTU PRO Dr. Pawan Kumar Tripathi said that along with the major degree, minors or honors degree will also be mentioned on the student's degree.zv