Preparation for second phase of NAAC assessment begins by the colleges of Patna University latest news today in hindi

Preparation for second phase of NAAC assessment begins by the colleges of PU Patna latest news update 2024

Latest Updated 22/02/2024: Initial preparations for the second phase of NAAC assessment have started from the colleges of Patna University. A list of the number of teachers and students has been prepared by the colleges for evaluation. Along with this, department-wise list of sports and educational activities organized in colleges is being prepared.

The IIQA form will be applied online after preparing the report on behalf of the colleges. After this SSR will be handed over. Principal of BN College, Dr. Rajkishore said that the date of evaluation will be decided after submitting the self-evaluation report. Colleges will have to work on seven core competencies. In these, along with classroom studies, it is mandatory to pay attention to the mental and physical education of the students. 

Preparation for 2nd phase of NAAC assessment begins by the colleges of PU Patna notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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Along with this, there is also a need to work on environmental protection, waste management etc. Those whose NAAC accreditation validity has expired are preparing to submit their annual report. However, the Commerce College has not yet applied for NAAC Accreditation. Preparation of data and reports has started from the Women's Training College.

These colleges got this grade from NAAC

College | NAAC Grade | Accreditation Validity

  • Patna Science College | B Plus | January 2025
  • Patna College | C | November 2024
  • BN College | C | January 2025
  • Patna Law College | B | November 2024

Rs 125 crore released as salary head for the university

The Education Department has released Rs 125 crore 78 lakh for the salary and pension of universities. January salaries will be paid from this amount. At the same time, pension amount will be paid to retired employees. 9.61 crore to PU, 14.45 crore to MU, 15.58 crore to BRA University, 8.44 crore to Jaiprakash University, 10.12 crore to VKS University, 8 crore to BN Mandal University, 11.68 crore to Tilka Manjhi University, 14.99 crore to LNM University, KSDS University Rs 4.26 crore has been released to Arabic-Persian University, Rs 71 lakh to Patlipitra University, Rs 4.31 crore to Purnia University and Rs 4.74 crore to Munger University.